Happy Feedback

I have known Lou for many years. As a matter of fact, she was my first mentor in Schlumberger for recruiting. My job then was to recruit experienced professionals specializing in technical areas. I entered the company with little or no knowledge of the Oil & Gas Industry. This made the job challenging and highly demanding. It requires good skills in communication and interviewing with a good understanding of the different job specifications in the company.

At the time, I was based in Malaysia while she was in Dubai. As my mentor, she would call me daily and spend time guiding me through the job. Her patience and clear explanations helped my job performance. I would attribute many of the skills and knowledge I have gained in recruitment to her.

Lou is a great coach. Having her guide you is a fruitful and enjoyable experience. In addition to coaching, Lou is a great leader. Under her tenure as our team leader, she breathed new life into our department. She is well respected and liked by senior managers and colleagues alike.

Lee Chin Na, HR Transaction & Payroll Team Lead
Lee Chin Na

Sometimes in life, we meet people whom we really admire because of who they are and their authenticity.  I have known Lou Olvido-Parroco whom I call "idol" for more than six years now.  She has become one of my inspirations ever since I met her.  I admire her humility, intelligence, and the beauty of her mind, persona, and heart.  Her gentle ways have influenced me to refine my actions, especially on how I communicate and associate with people.

Working with her is a life valued experience.  Every word of wisdom coming from her is so meaningful and worth remembering.  She is a role model for every woman.  I feel an overwhelming peace whenever I interact with her. Coach Lou is a woman of substance, influential, well-respected, firm but sensitive and gentle, naturally bubbly and one who exudes a happy disposition.

Mary Jane Alvero Al-Mahdi, Group Chief Executive Officer
Mary Jane Alvero Al-Mahdi

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lou for sometime now during which time she has always been helpful and supportive in anyway she could.

Her enthusiastic drive and optimism, coupled with her amiable personality is so natural which means that as a life coach and motivational speaker, the messages that she send to her clients and audience are easily absorbed, understood and utilized.  Her natural tendency to look at the bright side of life inspires clients to also be grateful  and confident of who they really are and she is very able to empower clients to be self-critical and honestly identify the areas in their life that need to be developed.

Lou communicates in a very relaxed style, making people feel comfortable easily.  Her sense of humor makes it easier for people to articulate their resolutions with ease.  For me, working with Lou has always been a pleasure.

Gary Smith, Sales Director

A formidable mixture of know-how, eloquence, charm, and the earnestness to do good, Lou’s professional experience is merely icing on the cake.

Lou Olvido-Parroco is one of those rare persons, gifted with the skill and the experience to provide professional advice, the talent for communicating effectively, and a winning warm and positive aura – all in equal measure.  With her skills, Lou has been able to guide and support people, both from a professional to a community perspective.  She has a real innate talent for inspiring others, not only because she can draw from a wellspring of knowledge in psychology and human resource management, and the fact that she has a passion for charitable endeavors, but because she truly lives and breathes positivism and inspiration in her daily life.  Lou is not only a seasoned professional, she is a doting mom and wife, and a philanthropic human being who wishes to contribute positively to the world.

Lalaine Chu-Benitez, Managing Director & Editor-in-Chief

I was going thru a crossroad professionally when I chanced upon Coach Lou.  What stayed with me the whole time was her abundant knowledge of the best practices in the workplace, the genuine concern she quickly establishes for not only one's professional but --most importantly-- also one's personal well-being and her contagious positive outlook in life in general.

Truly, it was a pleasant uplifting experience to have been coached by Coach Lou.

Rodelin ‘Barry’ Ubaldo, Jr., Business Development Executive
Rodelin ‘Barry’ Ubaldo, Jr.

I met Lou Olvido-Parroco during the NLP training we took together with Mindbridge.  We spent a lot of time together, learning by sharing our experiences, practicing NLP & coaching, etc.

I found Lou to be the most empathetic human being, someone who is always willing to lend a helping hand, always forthcoming in sharing her experiences in her calm and composed manner. She has remarkable people skills that she has honed throughout several years of HR experience in various multi-national organizations. As a coach, I found her someone whom I could trust and talk openly to as she creates this open and safe space for people to explore and learn. I have no doubt Lou will do extremely well in this exciting endeavor.

Samia Hasan, Founder – Direction Dose

I had the opportunity of working with Lou Olvido-Parroco who is the HR Director of a company that I used to manage within the oil and gas industry.  Lou manages and directs the human resources, quality, and compliance functions of the organization.  She is a well-respected professional in the industry and every senior manager and executive whom I know had worked with her has always been impressed by her seasoned expertise and professionalism.

She upholds firm moral values and unswerving work ethics.  She takes passion in coaching others, and I am not shy in soliciting for her advice myself when needed.  She has proven her effectiveness in coaching our employees at all levels, from skilled workers up to the senior managers, and I am particularly impressed to see how her coaching skills converted poor performers into star performers in a short period of time.  I wish Coach Lou success in her life coaching endeavors.

Maged H. Basta, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Living in a foreign country without a family to depend on was a tough challenge. There were many times when I felt alone and helpless.   After I met Ms. Lou, I was able to develop a sense of belonging as she was there to encourage me during my lowest times. She was my confidante and life coach at the same time, giving me all the support and guidance I needed as I faced those challenging endeavors professionally. Because of her coaching, I am now able to confidently face life’s challenges and will continue to do so. I will forever be thankful that I’ve met Ms. Lou, a very effective and caring life coach.

Dana Mariel Cudia

Meet Coach Lou


Throughout her progressive professional career, the term ‘human relations’ has always been synonymous with the various corporate positions Lou Olvido-Parroco has held for the past twenty years.

Her leadership skills, empathy, and insight are the primary reasons why she has achieved considerable success in the HR niche.  Her passion for connecting with various social communities and the sense of compassion that she naturally gives make her a ‘go to person’ for guidance and advice.

Coach Lou & You offers services that aim to help, guide and empower individuals to make and meet, or even exceed personal and professional goals.